Frequently Asked Questions

What is this code, what am I supposed to do?
The idea is very simple: you received this code with a vinyl or with an email or from a label promotion, in any case you just need to go to the web address provided and insert your code in the white box close to "coupon code". Then press enter or click "Submit Query" and you will be redirected to a page where you can download the tracks.

I tried to download a song, but
1) the progress bar froze half-way so I canceled and tried again later, but then had 0 credits.
2) the download dies halfway.
3) I got an error during the download saying "Server not responding".

This is likely to be a connection error in the path between your computer and our servers, especially if you are behind a firewall, share the connection between other people (e.g. you are at work or school) or have a weak connection (weak wireless, dial-up, etc). Seldomnly we might be doing manteinance to our servers, in this case try to wait a bit and then give it another try. Feel free to contact us if you are unable to access the content.

I get the following error message:
"Sorry - there seems to be an issue at the moment with retrieving the file requested."
"Please try again in a bit and let us know if you still are experiencing the problem."

This is just a temporary hiccup of our server. Give it a few minutes and try again.

It seems I downloaded three times but actually nothing happened. Please provide instructions.
This is likely to be a problem with your browser. Make sure you have no strange add-ons, navigation bars or too strict security settings (please allow If you have another browser, try with that. Try downloading each track separately if you can't access the zip.

Can you reset my download credit if I have tried unsuccessfully to get the tracks?
Yes we can but this should not be necessary

I tried to download the music but I got "500 Internal Server Error"
Try again in a hour or so, if the problem persists please use the contact form to email us.